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Award Winners

We are proud to present the EUSAR 2024 award winners.

EUSAR 2024 Photo Gallery

Best Paper Award

FDM MIMO SAR Tomography

Stefano Tebaldini (Politecnico di Milano, Italy); Marco Manzoni (Politecnico di Milano, Italy); Laurent Ferro-Famil (University of Toulouse, France); Francesco Banda (Aresys, Italy); Davide Giudici (Aresys, Italy)


Best Poster Award

High Resolution 3D ISAR Image Formation via Interferometry Combined with Multi-Look Processing of Wide Angle Data

Ahmad Hamad, Patrick Berens (Fraunhofer FHR, Germany)


1st Place Student Paper Award

Producing a Digital Elevation Model Using a Cluster of Small-Aperture SAR Satellites: An Airborne Demonstration

Maxwell Nogueira Peixoto (DLR, Germany)


2nd Place Student Paper Award

Spaceborne Multiple-Swath SAR Imaging with Frequency Scanning

João Pedro Turchetti Ribeiro (DLR, Germany)


3rd Place Student Paper Award

AI for Performance-Optimized Quantization in Future SAR Systems

Nicola Gollin (DLR, Germany)